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Hi all!,

It’s Race Week!!!! This sunday 11/6 I will partake in the massive event call the TCS NYC Marathon! Never in my life did I think (or even want to) say that! I have heard nothing but awesome things about this event ( with the exception that it is not flat.) This race will be the biggest thing/event I will ever actively participate  in with 50,000+ people racing! (I’m not saying Im going to win but… top 3 probably 😉 I am excited an honored to be not only in the race but representing the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) on their official team.cropped-cropped-487655_229021067_XLarge-1-2.jpg

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I am super pumped up for this race and I cant wait until Sunday! A lot of you have told me you will be there so…..If you are coming out to the race PLEASE let me know this week where about you think you will be watching from so I can look and wave! I will post another blog later in the week about my gear etc. but I want to bring a list of people to look for and where. Also I will be keeping my phone off before the race because I want to make sure I have enough battery life so I will not be turning it on until just before I go so don’t text me right before the race I wont get it.

My Start time is 10:15 am. I am in Blue Wave 2, Corral F. You can track me (and 19 other runners) on your phone with the app below My bib # is 24202 !!!


My training has gone great! I am way faster than I planned on being and Im now shooting for a 3 hour 45 minute marathon! So if all goes to plan I will be done around 2pm!

Thanks to every one who has donated to both campaigns, and for all of the well wishes and encouragement. At least on more blog post to come before the race.

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