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HI all! Im back!!!! I took a summer break from blogging for a variety of reasons but I plan on writing again as I continue to train for the 2016 NYC Marathon and raise money for the AFSP!

Above is my new card I had made for this race. I made like 500 of them so let me know if you want some!

I am actually on the official AFSP Team for the race! This does not mean anything really ( Though finishing 1055th in the NJ Marathon does have its obvious privileges 😉 in regards to my running ability just that I have committed to raise a certain amount of money for the organization and run the 2016 NYC Marathon! This of course is all thanks to everyone who has donated thus far and for those who will.  For this race we have committed to a $3500.00 goal. Most of which was donated by the Fiume Family (Freddy’s family) through a larger fundraiser in honor of Fred.  So thank you all for keeping Running with Eddie and Freddy going strong!!!

We still have $600 to go on this one to reach the $3500 goal by 10/31/16 so I’m asking for your help again! The encouraging and really amazing part of all of this is not only the fact that as of today, thanks to 94 donations from all of you awesome friends and family of Eddie & Freddy and just generally good people, we raised $5339.92 for the NJ Marathon campaign! For NYC, 7 donations and matching donations, again thanks to the huge kickstart from the Fiumes, and of course donations most from 2nd timers we have $2900 so far! This gives us a 2016 combined total of $8239.92 thus far!!!!!!

If we hit our $3500 goal we will have donated $8839.92 to the AFSP, which is an outstanding organization making our worlds a better place every day.  There is a link on the left to learn more about the AFSP, I encourage you to get involved at any level. To donate to Running with Eddie and Freddy see the link on the left or

Sooooooooo…..after the start of the lazy summer which was where I was just physically bloated and not exercising at all I did get back up on that horse. Around my last post in June I started running again and I am currently beginning week 9 of my 18 week training program for NYC. I will get into the program more as time goes on but let me fill you in on some happenings of the summer of 2016!

In June, Yasumi Griffin and Eddie’s family put on the first ever Eddie Day! I promised pics from the day and some great memories with Eddie.

 13533083_10157059879730023_6088165068111139706_n 13529168_10153291881777255_6856527735509739382_n 13508901_10205929808513554_7536652361531074187_n 13507038_10153554970080458_4621774185470203120_n 13522074_10205929808353550_9070362899667569550_n 13537778_10205929808273548_4492323769991516031_n 11144439_10153332823721206_2397494501104443346_n 13533230_10153893803296713_6673404803748438686_n as you can see Eddie was the life of the party and like Fred as well, continues to be to this day :-). It was a great day full of laughs, tears, testimonials, tributes and simply just a gathering of good people. The day ended with some of Eddie’s ashes being spread on the beach. We often overlook or I guess can not see fully the positive impact that just being present can have on other peoples lives. I am humbled and grateful for this realization and I ask you to join me in reminding ourselves every day of this simple fact. 🙂

My wife Eileen has caught the running bug as well! ek_rk

We have both signed up for the SONO (South Norwalk CT) half marathon on 10/15/16! Eileen has been using Hal Higdon’s Half-Marathon training program. (Link on left) and has been doing great! Like the rest of us, Eileen was a self proclaimed “I can’t/hate run/running.” But since she has started consistently running, in addition to exercising regularly, she has been doing great. Distance running has become an enjoyable experience which in her own words, “Keeps me skinny ;-)” but has found the most joy in accomplishing something that she thought she could never do. Additionally Eileen is a group fitness instructor and will be teaching her own group fitness Body Sculpting class on Thursday evenings at our local Y. (Also pictured above is my soon to be official Sister in law Rachel Patti, she likes cats a lot. My Brother Travis proposed recently and she said yes! Congrats to Travis and Rachel!)


My In-Laws Bob and Pat Olson will be completing the SONO 5K on the same day! Looking forward to it!


Ok Kids, more blogs to come. Keep moving and PLEASE spread the word. To donate use the links to the left or below on Crowdrise:

Thanks again:

Word of the day:  Capitulate |kəˈpiCHəˌlāt| verb [ no obj. ]

cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender: the patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces.

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