Dogs and Birds, NYC Week 10!

Hey Kids,

As you all know I love to run on the Saddle River Trail. If you look back through my blogs I did a detailed report on why I like running there. As I said in that post there are a lot of dogs and birds that motivate you. Now if you’re like most people and just said, “Dogs and Birds to Motivate? Have you gone mad?” If you did not just say that try it now in your best High Society English Accent…

…you’re welcome 😉

YES Dogs and Birds! When your doing a long run and getting tired they can be there to pick you up. I have found one of the best things for me is seeing a large dog, usually a lab or Golden Retriever just Tearing into a body of water!!!!

Golden retriever in water shutterstock_68565955

If you’re lucky you get a party!


Dogs are how people would be if the important stuff is all that mattered to us.
—Ashly Lorenzana 

It makes me smile and reminds me to “Ama Audaciter! “= Love Fiercely!


Now not as fun as dogs but equally important. For those of us who have grown up here in the greater NYC area you can agree that the abundance of wildlife that surrounds us today was not always present here.  The current amount and variety of fowl, water birds, birds of prey, foxes, deer, bears, coyotes etc. is  pretty amazing.  When I was a kid Canada Geese ruled the day and a deer sighting was rare. This increase in wild life is something to be proud of. It means that we are creating and maintaining a healthier environment for our children to grow up in. Seriously, I saw a Bald Eagle perched on a log in the Passaic River in Paterson, twice! Good job all!

Any way, I have seen a variety of birds flying and hanging out in the Saddle River as I run. Usually Blue Herons and Egrets, or king fishers (pictured Below)

imgres-18 imgres-17

They are very calm and stoic. On a few occasions they silently glide in gracefully at eye level from behind me on the river. It’s awesome.

Without waxing poetically about the mental health benefits of running, (I’ll save that for another post) I have learned to be mindful in every day situations and try to learn lessons from these seemingly mundane experiences. On my last long run I was thinking a lot about our current topic of dogs and birds and I wondered why my mood and demeanor is instantly elevated when I see them, even while running a ridiculous amount of miles?

Dogs and birds are the quintessential example of balance in personality, at least for me. The dogs I see bounding into the river remind me to be fearless, playful, mindful, true, honest, accepting,  inclusive, sincere, alive and free. Carpe Diem! The Birds remind me to be committed, patient, stoic, vigilant, noble, quiet, strong and steadfast. So what I will be mindful to strive for is the balance of the two:

bird dog

Not to be confused with a real bird dog, that is just ironic.


More like this !



Got a 10 mile run planned for today but Im tired so I may just run tomorrow.

Don’t forget we are $600 short of our goal! Please donate to honor Eddie and Freddy and help the AFSP and/or encourage others to do so as well! Thanks all

preview copy


Word of the day: bird dog |ˈbərd ˈˌdɔɡ|

noun -a gun dog trained to retrieve birds.

informal a person whose job involves searching, esp. a talent scout for a sports team.

verb( bird-dog ) [ with obj. ]

search out or pursue with dogged determination: he ordered the vice president to bird-dog Congress for funds.

Unicorn of the day:


NYC Training Underway!!!

preview copy

HI all! Im back!!!! I took a summer break from blogging for a variety of reasons but I plan on writing again as I continue to train for the 2016 NYC Marathon and raise money for the AFSP!

Above is my new card I had made for this race. I made like 500 of them so let me know if you want some!

I am actually on the official AFSP Team for the race! This does not mean anything really ( Though finishing 1055th in the NJ Marathon does have its obvious privileges 😉 in regards to my running ability just that I have committed to raise a certain amount of money for the organization and run the 2016 NYC Marathon! This of course is all thanks to everyone who has donated thus far and for those who will.  For this race we have committed to a $3500.00 goal. Most of which was donated by the Fiume Family (Freddy’s family) through a larger fundraiser in honor of Fred.  So thank you all for keeping Running with Eddie and Freddy going strong!!!

We still have $600 to go on this one to reach the $3500 goal by 10/31/16 so I’m asking for your help again! The encouraging and really amazing part of all of this is not only the fact that as of today, thanks to 94 donations from all of you awesome friends and family of Eddie & Freddy and just generally good people, we raised $5339.92 for the NJ Marathon campaign! For NYC, 7 donations and matching donations, again thanks to the huge kickstart from the Fiumes, and of course donations most from 2nd timers we have $2900 so far! This gives us a 2016 combined total of $8239.92 thus far!!!!!!

If we hit our $3500 goal we will have donated $8839.92 to the AFSP, which is an outstanding organization making our worlds a better place every day.  There is a link on the left to learn more about the AFSP, I encourage you to get involved at any level. To donate to Running with Eddie and Freddy see the link on the left or

Sooooooooo…..after the start of the lazy summer which was where I was just physically bloated and not exercising at all I did get back up on that horse. Around my last post in June I started running again and I am currently beginning week 9 of my 18 week training program for NYC. I will get into the program more as time goes on but let me fill you in on some happenings of the summer of 2016!

In June, Yasumi Griffin and Eddie’s family put on the first ever Eddie Day! I promised pics from the day and some great memories with Eddie.

 13533083_10157059879730023_6088165068111139706_n 13529168_10153291881777255_6856527735509739382_n 13508901_10205929808513554_7536652361531074187_n 13507038_10153554970080458_4621774185470203120_n 13522074_10205929808353550_9070362899667569550_n 13537778_10205929808273548_4492323769991516031_n 11144439_10153332823721206_2397494501104443346_n 13533230_10153893803296713_6673404803748438686_n as you can see Eddie was the life of the party and like Fred as well, continues to be to this day :-). It was a great day full of laughs, tears, testimonials, tributes and simply just a gathering of good people. The day ended with some of Eddie’s ashes being spread on the beach. We often overlook or I guess can not see fully the positive impact that just being present can have on other peoples lives. I am humbled and grateful for this realization and I ask you to join me in reminding ourselves every day of this simple fact. 🙂

My wife Eileen has caught the running bug as well! ek_rk

We have both signed up for the SONO (South Norwalk CT) half marathon on 10/15/16! Eileen has been using Hal Higdon’s Half-Marathon training program. (Link on left) and has been doing great! Like the rest of us, Eileen was a self proclaimed “I can’t/hate run/running.” But since she has started consistently running, in addition to exercising regularly, she has been doing great. Distance running has become an enjoyable experience which in her own words, “Keeps me skinny ;-)” but has found the most joy in accomplishing something that she thought she could never do. Additionally Eileen is a group fitness instructor and will be teaching her own group fitness Body Sculpting class on Thursday evenings at our local Y. (Also pictured above is my soon to be official Sister in law Rachel Patti, she likes cats a lot. My Brother Travis proposed recently and she said yes! Congrats to Travis and Rachel!)


My In-Laws Bob and Pat Olson will be completing the SONO 5K on the same day! Looking forward to it!


Ok Kids, more blogs to come. Keep moving and PLEASE spread the word. To donate use the links to the left or below on Crowdrise:

Thanks again:

Word of the day:  Capitulate |kəˈpiCHəˌlāt| verb [ no obj. ]

cease to resist an opponent or an unwelcome demand; surrender: the patriots had to capitulate to the enemy forces.

Unicorn of the day



FAT Summer!

Hey Kids,

Soooooooooo, After winning the NJ Marathon I told you how Eric and I immediately ate Garden State Parkway Burger King. This was the catalyst for a month of inactivity resulting in this:


Then Boston:


Joe Joyce Lunch did not help either:

Joy Joyce Lunch became a weekly event where we would pool our lunch money and Joe Joyce would surprise us with a very delicious take out lunch. As you can see it was very popular with the ladies.

IMG_1155 IMG_1154 IMG_1159

Waiting for JJ lunch looked like this:


You basically would gorge your self of a variety of High fat, sugar and fat and salt and fat; smile as your inner child laughed and reached for 3rds then spent the rest of the day on the verge of sleep, just sweating out the shame. It was pretty awesome.

Im not even going to mention the Ice cream sandwiches intervention.


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.51.50 AM

Basically my inner child turned out like:


I feel flabby, tired, generally sick to my stomach all of the time and bloated. Besides that Im great! hehhahahah! 100% diet and bad habit related!

So it is the end of June and I am getting ready to begin my NYC Training on July 5th! All kidding aside I did take a mental and physical break from running for a while very much on purpose. Probably not the smartest or healthiest way to do it but I was honestly afraid that if I kept going hard after the NJ Marathon I would not only hurt myself physically but I would begin to hate running, and I figured I earned it.

I have been moving (running) over the past couple of weeks and I am mentally ready to get going again. I picked out my training program for NYC and have some great events coming up this summer.

preview copy

This Sunday is “Eddie Day”. Eddies wife Yasumi has put together a day where all of Eddies friends and family will gather to celebrate his life and remember our dear friend fondly. I will post on monday with details.

I am also very close to our NYC goal but I will start actively raising funds again soon and the Blog posts are a coming  again!

Word of the day: Portly |ˈpôrtlē|

adjective ( portlier , portliest )

1 (esp. of a man) having a stout body; somewhat fat.

2 archaic of a stately or dignified appearance and manner: he was a man of portly presence.


portliness noun

ORIGIN late 15th cent.: from port5 in the sense ‘bearing’ + -ly1.

Unicorn of the day: 




I Won the 2016 New Jersey Marathon!!!!!!

…hearts and minds….I won hearts and minds 😉

badge nj marathon

1055th Place

Whoo-hooo! SPORTS!

“What was the weather like that day Jon?” you say?


Besides the weather it was AWESOME! There were some high highs and low lows but overall it was a great experience. Eric and I wend down on Saturday afternoon and picked up our stuff at the Monmouth Race Track which is where the starting line was. This was only a couple of miles from our hotel. We got our stuff, Eric ate some pasta, mine got messed up so I sent it back and it never returned so I ate bad stir fry at Applebees which must have done something right because I did great in the race!

As it turns out Eric and I are a good team for races as we seemed to balance each other out in the attitude department. He is way too particular about arrival time and I was WAY too laid back. So we (I) did not give ourselves sufficient time to get there. Needless to say we hit some traffic on the way in. In trying to get around it (Bad idea number two) we got stuck in more, less moving traffic. So I told Eric, who was corral B (He crushed the NJ Marathon BTW with a 3:18!!!!) when we got close to jump out and head in on foot. I then parked in Upstate NY and worked my way in.

On my way in I was fumbling with all of my stuff, very disheveled, needing to use the facilities and rushing to not be late. It was at this moment that I cracked up saying “This is sooooo GRIFF!” Any one reading this is now who knew Griff is laughing too. Eddie had a propensity for being late and just being a general  mess in the morning hours. He was actually late to his own funeral, so was Fred so given the situation that morning I think it was a team effort ;-). But in keeping with typical Eddie fashion I was able to use the Porta Potty and made it to my corral (I was in H) with 2 minutes to spare ;-).

We had slathered ourselves with an obscene amount of Aquaphor


Highly recommended BTW, worked great!

I had a light rain coat that SAVED me from Dr. Weyl (THANK YOU STEVE!!!!) Shorts, under armor shirt, and My TEAM AFSP Jersey with Eddies Hat and Freddy’s Name tag on the back, which absolutely pushed me along the way. I stuck to my plan and it worked out great! Kinne-1626

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.24.44 PM

I never “Hit the wall” or Crashed. I had negative splits and averaged a 9:30 pace. I finished in 4:11 wind, rain and all which exceeded my expectations. Mile 26 was my fastest. Gonna Crush NYC in under 4 hours! 

Now, I’m not claiming anything about my abilities, I had a few, “What the heck am I doing / what is wrong with me!” moments. Oh and believe me I was done at mile 21 and actually cursed out “The wind” out loud, on a few occasions, but I actually was able to picked up my pace for the last 6 miles. I employed a trick I read about while training, I started dedicating miles.  Here they are:

  • Mile 21- To my RHS Students Past and Present
  • Mile 22- To everyone who donated to the AFSP
  • Mile 23- To Friends old and new
  • Mile 24- My Family and Extended Family
  • Mile 25-To Eddie and Freddy
  • Mile 26- To my Wife and Kids- Eileen, Ellie and Jamie
  • .2 was mine 🙂

Post Marathon we did what you are supposed to, ate Burger King on the Garden State Parkway and headed home to rest.

What an awesome experience this has been! I am going to take it easy for a few weeks and recover, I’m actually dippin my Wendy’s fries into a chocolate frosty as I write this..Oh washing it down with a Dr. Pepper and thinking about Quesadilla day tomorrow! Still I’m looking forward to getting started in preparation for the 2016 NYC Marathon. Im still raising money for the AFSP. link below and to the left.

Thanks to everyone who pushed me along! We Did it!!!!!

Word of the day: –Sore |sôr|adjective

(of a part of one's body) painful or aching: my feet were sore and my head ached.

• [ predic. ] suffering pain from a part of one's body: he was sore from the long ride.

• [ predic. ] informal upset and angry: I didn't even know they were sore at us.

• [ attrib. ] severe; urgent: we're in sore need of him.


a raw or painful place on the body: we had sores on our hands.

• a cause or source of distress or annoyance: there's no point raking over the past and opening old sores.

Unicorn of the day:

NYC here we come! 11/6/16!!! TEAM AFSP!




Penultimate Post!!!!! NJ Marathon Tomorrow!

Here we go baby!!!!!



Tomorrow at 7:30 am I will take step one of the 20th Annual NJ Marathon.

You can track me if you want

I am Bib number 1626!

The weather unfortunately is not “Ideal for running”

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 2.50.56 PM

But we are gong to take it down anyway. Heres what I got going on!


Ok I don’t have enough time to figure out how to rotate this but here is what I have going on:

  • TEAM AFSP Official Shirt
  • SLDR that Griff gave me at the Cabs Golf outing a couple of years ago, Its a great running hat, I use it all of the time!
  • Blue rain coat
  • Running shoes Asics Nimbus 18’s
  • Gels,chews, Pretzels and Craisins!
  • Full force Chafe less attack- Aquifer, two bandaids, and a bottle of goldbond
  • New I phone armband, got some great mixes from Shostakovich to the Killers with a little Biggie Smalls and Tribe Called Quest, cause thats how I roll…
  • And most importantly: Eddies Congressional golf hat given to me by Yasumi and Fred’s Name tag that was on one of his Duffel bags from Iraq given to me by the Fiumes.

I can thank everyone enough for coming with me on this journey so far. Words would fail to express how much I have grown from this whole experience. I can say that I have never felt so much love and support in my whole life so it is needles to say that I am very humbled and grateful. It is also a testament to the life force of these two great men who continue to bring joy to this world each day.

Thanks all -Jon

Word of the day- Thanks!

Unicorn of the day!


100% Baby!!!! Eddy and Freddy To NYC!

We did it!!! 102% for a total of $5089.92 for the AFSP!!!!!


I want to thank everyone who donated!!!!! (List on bottom of the post)

We did it but were not done yet! With your help we crushed our goal of raising $5000 for the AFSP in Running with Eddie and Freddy! I am so proud to be a part of this acomplishment that I’m going to keep honoring the lives of these two great guys and extend Running with Eddie and Freddy by running the 2016 NYC Marathon on November 6th and raise another $3500 for the AFSP! Just like NJ 100% of the donations go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and honor Eddie and Fred. Please see the Donate to Running with Eddie and Freddy link on on the left or go to
Im going to keep blogging about it too at ! If you donated before thank you and I ask that you spread the word and encourage others to do the same. We also will be looking for donations or matching donations from businesses and companies.  Thank you for your continued support, it has been a great journey so far and Im looking forward to taking Eddie and Freddy on a run through all 5 Boroughs of NYC!
Please feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions and concerns:-) thanks again Ill be posting as the NJ Marathon approaches, the weekend of and results of course…
– Jon Kinne

Word of the Day: Gratitude 

gratitude |ˈgratəˌt(y)o͞od|noun

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness: she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support.

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Running with Eddie and Freddy NJ Marathon, AFSP Donors!
( in random order) 

JoAnn Hughes

Jen Wise

Diane Kinne

Tara Catanzariti

Cheryl DeFalco

Francine Giorello

Kelli Mest

karen witt

Inhye Kwon

Tom & Beth Osterlof

Laura Scotti

Lisbhet Garcia

Erin Monaghan

Cristina Bernotas

Joanna Sargent

Pat Germain

Bonnie donnell

Ericka Clouther

The Takara Family

Beth Toole

Jen Moloughney

Meg and Chris Olson

Angela Wilkos

Cristina Nicolau

Patricia Passaro

Rachel Cappio

Kathleen McCarty

Rachel Glatman

Michele Zimmerman

Frank Ring

Margaret Nastasi

Joe P.

Jessica Ferlauto

Clare Speck

jonathan yap

Dave Clary

Judy Yi

Brendan Lowe

Angel Rivera

Lauren DeMatteo


Carmen Palomino

Ellis Berger

Carol & Brian Majoros

Maureen Hensley

Robyn Cafiero

diane edwards luke

Diane Kinne

Anonymous Donor

Jeff Grosse

Michael Ryan

John E Brigante

Maria Artime

Jeff Adler

Kathryn Clores

Kelly Moore

Mike Mazzola

Jacquelyn BLAUVELT

Nicole Bowden

Blanchard Family

James Oliver Plunkett

Brian Grilk

Heritage Surgical Group- Dr. Stavros Christidious

Frank Nash

Kay Eltman

Ken Bledsoe

Stacia klui

Peter Olson

Matt Dodd

Toria Seetaram

Kelly & Bryan McDonnell

Maureen Hensley

Valerie Hunter

Joanne Fiume

Maureen Kinne

Lara Chard

Katie Hughes

Ash and Phil Parker

Andrea Tokarik

Marianne Kerr

Janette Merrill

Jeremy Steiner

Robert Olson.

Rachel Patti

Travis Kinne

Mark Spinney

Patricia Granados

Erin Lenik

John E Brigante


Deuce Deuce, Ho-Ho-Kus & Juking a Jack Russell

Thats a record kids! 22 Miles!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 7.53.39 AM

I must admit that this map does not reflect the grandiose nature of my perception of this run but, Ill take that up with Sir. Rand McNally.

So the last big 20 mile run was on the plate for this weekend and honestly I really just wanted to get it over with for a few reasons:

  1.   I have set this as the benchmark of “Wow, if I can run 20 then I can do 26.2” to make the marathon real.
  2. Spring Break 2016!!! whoooo! 🙂 I worked Mon -Thurs at the Fiume House so I was already pretty physically fatigued, I figured it would be good for training.
  3. It was really nice out, kids were at school and I wanted a run free Saturday and Sunday.

So I set out to have an adventure for the first 10 miles or so and finish up on the Saddle River Trail. I mapped out a cool run through Glen Rock, Ridgewood ect. including some new parks etc. and familiar places from my child hood. It was great but I forgot to write it down so when I ran off of the trail into Glen Rock I got lost. So I doubled back and ran into Ridgewood so I would know where I was, unfortunately it was uphill.

Once I got into Ridgewood I knew where I was and I set out to run around vets field where when I was a kid, my Dad played in a softball league and we would watch the 4th of July fire works, and had a near death experience involving a heavy public bathroom door that I could push but not pull open. (Side story- As a kid probably around 4 or 5 we were at one of my dad’s softball games and I insisted on going to the bathroom by myself. So I walked, what I now realize is about 50 yards, to the bathroom and pushed the door open. When I was ready to leave I could not pull the door open because it was too heavy. I did try to shoot it open because I was strapped with my two Cowboy style cap guns on my holster belt. images-21

That did not work so I just started to cry really loudly. Fortunately one of my parents friends Jim “Bakes” Bakelar was walking by and opened the door which I quickly ran out of. I’m 37 years old and the story is still told, and Jim Bakelar is still my hero, that is why I named my son James… Not really, just kidding)

Any way, a goal on this run was to run by my Grandparents old house in Ho-Ho-Kus.

(It did not look like that when we were there, this is the reboot)


It was cool to run around Ho-Ho-Kus since I spent a lot of time there as a kid, good memories and I even ran into my grandma’s old neighbor Willie and as was able to say hello! I think she remembered me but she could have just been being polite 😉

After a couple of wrong turns and detours I ran around the town, then back into Ridgewood, back through Vets field and headed towards the Saddle River Trail via E. Ridgewood Ave. I definitely did not pack enough water for the run and that was a bummer.

I hit the trail and felt great until about mile 14. That is where the fatigue usually starts to set in for me. I also started to realize that my right ear was on fire. Then I thought “uh-oh” I’m not wearing any sunblock. I attempted to use my Chapstick with SPF 12 on my ears and face so that helped a bit but needless to say I have a classic spotty burn on all of the uncovered areas. But I have never not met a milage goal on a run so I was determined to hit the 20!

Around mile 17 I was in the home stretch when I saw a guy walking two small dogs ahead. He thought it would be a good idea to have his dogs meet some other dogs so he lead them by these other two dogs. This meeting did not go well and he pulled his dogs away quickly, and subsequently into my direction. I have watched enough Dog Whisper to know when a dog is ready to throw down so as the Jack Russell was coming to take a chunk out of me, 17 miles in btw, I juked that devil dog like Zeke Mowatt!


I got some advice from a friend of Eileen’s who has run a few marathons and he said to tack on a couple of miles after 20 if you can so you are not surprised by “Hitting the Wall” as they say so as I approached 20 I felt like I could do it so I did! Oh…and I found the good ol’ wall. It was tough but I did get to 22miles. I did feel like I could keep going if I had to so that was encouraging. Looking forward to the next two week step down!

But the best advice I got was from my friend Cristina Bernotas (Philly Marathon finisher) who I was texting with just before I left for my run. She said “Good luck today, your going to kill it, Just keep going!”  Which is a great motivator while your running but an even better one is laughter. Her encouragement made me laugh because it reminded me of this 80’s classic:


Which is actually just good advice for life really… 😉

Thanks all!

Word of the day: vitriol |ˈvitrēəl, -ˌôl| noun

1 cruel and bitter criticism: her mother’s sudden gush of fury and vitriol.

2 archaic or literary sulfuric acid.

ORIGIN late Middle English (denoting the sulfate of various metals): from Old French, or from medieval Latin vitriolum, from Latin vitrum ‘glass.’

Unicorn of the day: (provided by Mrs. Michael J. Fox Moulder Bowden)



find the second unicorn in this pic and not laugh…

Record Breaking End of the week!

Hey Kids!

Yesterday I set three personal records! No to brag but eh-hmm;-)

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.53.45 PM

I felt good besides an injury I have. I have a slight sprain in my right ankle/foot that flared up at around mile 11 ish so it definitely slowed me down for the last few miles and totally zapped my energy levels. The injury is improving though and I am confident through my stretching routine and help from the witch doctor Ill be all good for the NJ Marathon!

I had to stop frequently to stretch it out. When I did though, I would put both hands up above my shoulder level on a tree or post and twist into my prescribed stretch. Every time I did this I would scoff with disgust from the smell I seemed to be emanating. I thought to my self that there is no way I could smell that bad because I had showered and my clothes were clean etc. At mile 12 I won the “find the smell” contest and concluded that  it was definitely time for a new I phone holder.


Iv been running with , and consequently sweating into, the same one for wayyyyyyyy too long now and I think its just natures way of saying “time to move on buddy.”

To prep for the race I have been employing gels every 45 minutes which definitely help.  I want to try some different ones this week to see what will serve me best during the race. I also have become squirrel-like and mastered stashing water at the perfect location for these very long runs. Additionally, I have significantly increased my calorie and carb intake during the week which has to be helping. Basically I am just pounding Bagels!!!! It’s awesome.


Kicks are breaking in but I’m still not crazy about them. I’m very, very sore and tired but I am excited to get to the end of the training. This week I have an 5M, 8M and 3M culminating on a short 14mile on Saturday. The week after that is the big 20 mile! Keep spreading the word for donations!!!! Thanks for all of the support everyone!!!!!! Link to the left!


Random Thoughts While Running:

If I ever go out wearing matching, solid color sweat pants and sweat shirt, I really hope the people in my life will love me enough to smack me in the face.” 

Word of the day: Postulate, verb |ˈpäsCHəˌlāt| [ with obj. ]

1 suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of (something) as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief: his theory postulated a rotatory movement for hurricanes | [ with clause ] : he postulated that the environmentalists might have a case.

2 (in ecclesiastical law) nominate or elect (someone) to an ecclesiastical office subject to the sanction of a higher authority.

noun |ˈpäsCHələt| formal

a thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief: perhaps the postulate of Babylonian influence on Greek astronomy is incorrect.

Mathematics an assumption used as a basis for mathematical reasoning.

Unicorn of the day: 


New Kicks!!!! Week 14

Hey Kids,

I took a quick blog break to give it a rest but it did not slow me down at all and a lot has happened since this:


That was a 5mile around my neighborhood that was a huge confidence booster. The next day on 3/19 I ran the Jon Kinne Half Marathon and did 13.1 miles. It was the longest run I have done since the last half I did in October. I did pretty well, sore abs and feet, but I definitely crashed at mile 11. I was still hurting from the surgery and I realized that I had to start increasing my calorie and carbs daily. But I finished and my splits were pretty good! (dont forget to be my friend on runkeeper) )

I had our musical that night and the next day so it was a busy weekend, also keeping my diet and stress levels in check has been something that I have had to manage better but I am proud to say both are improving!

Week 13! was great. I only ran 5 miles during the week as a result of sore abs and the 13.1 seemed to cause a strain in my right foot which slowed me down. I’m currently stretching it and having it treated by my “witch-doctor” (acupuncture, it works btw, he is a real doctor) and I’m getting back on track. Got to see Marissa Yoda biking on the trail rockin some aviators!

On last weekend’s long run I set a new personal record of 15 Miles! My splits were good and I felt much better than the 13.1. I employed some gels and was glad that they did not upset my stomach. I do not know if they helped or not but I will use them again this weekend.

Also, to prevent further injury I realized it was time for some new running shoes so I got these fancy kicks


They are the Asics Nimbus 18’s. I had the 17’s which I now think I like better. I also foolishly decided to “break em in” on my 15 mile run, not my best decision. I got them at Roadrunner SPORTS!  so I have 90 days to return them if I don’t like them but during my training runs this week they are loosening up so I’m going to give them another chance. I have found that spending the money on really good shoes is absolutely worth it. I did the family VIP plan at road runner last year too and also went back for new custom insoles. Also not cheap but again worth it to avoid injury, especially if you have Wilma Flintsone feet like me 😉


I am so grateful to have received sooo many donations and our campaign is at 76% of our goal!!!! The race is exactly one month from today so please spread the word and ask for donations to the AFSP! 100% of every dollar goes directly to the AFSP which does great work for our loved ones who need it the most. (Link to the left and below) even a dollar helps!


I’v got an 18 mile tomorrow!!!!!! See ya on the saddle river trail!!!!!!!!!!

Word of the day: Perfunctory |pərˈfəNGktərē|adjective

(of an action or gesture) carried out with a minimum of effort or reflection: he gave a perfunctory nod.DERIVATIVES perfunctorily |-ˈfəNGktərəlē|adverb,perfunctoriness |-rēnis|noun

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SPARTA Week 12!

Hi all,

I did 5 more miles yesterday and will attempt 13.1 today! Im Back!!!

I tried running for the first time last Saturday March 12 for the first time post surgery. Honestly I was nervous that I would not be able to run without pain and that I had regressed too much to continue. My biggest fear was that I had missed too much training and the Marathon would be in jeopardy.  So my goal was just to attempt a mile or so and reassess at each mile.

Mile one- Felt pretty good, slow and heavy but no pain.

Mile two- Pain, like a cramp, right abdomen but not bad enough to stop or go back.

Mile three- felt great to be out! I was still slow and heavy but I decided to see if I could do 5miles so I picked a route that I could bail on easily should the pain get too bad.

Miles 4-5- I DID IT! Smiling and laughing the whole time because of this:

In mile one I ran past this:


I find that Eddie and Freddy speak to me in ways that I can not really explain when Im running. I often think of them, hence the name, and definitely feel their life force often which feels great and is very motivating. So this one was the best! They once again encouraged me to push on and tap into my inner warrior spirt. So I listened, smiled as I planned to end my 5 miles at the site above.

To celebrate my return to the road and training for the NJ Marathon-

This is how I rolled home!


Thanks guys 😉

Word of the day: Endurance |enˈd(y)o͝orəns|noun

The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way: she was close to the limit of her endurance.

• the capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear.

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