SONO Half, PR’s for all!

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This past weekend was the South Norwalk 5K/Half Marathon. We signed up for this about 6 months back. My brother in law Chris Olson14717318_10100276928949542_2561625783679313776_n(Star of the stage and screen)

has worked the event for a couple of years now so we made it a family event. I included it as part of my NYC Training, Eileen put it on the calendar as her first 13.1, my Sister in law Beth ran the 5K and my In-Laws Bob and Pat decided to walk the 5K. (at least that was the plan:-)


The day started out very cold. We woke up two sleepy kids around 6 am and took the  mini van up to Norwalk CT.  We picked up the rest of the Olson clan and headed to Vets Park where the race started. It was an all-star event. Bob Duff was there!


I have met Sen. Duff. Really Really nice guy! So if you live in the Greater Norwalk CT area officially endorses his 2016 campaign.

Also, on line for the bathroom, I bumped into my old friend Steve who I grew up with in Ramsey and moved up to the Norwalk area when we were about 13.


This was his bachelor party 😉 Steve is a great guy with an awesome family. We had so many great times as kids with the Tisdale crew. Fun fact! Steve’s Ramsey phone number was 327-SEXY! big hit in the 80’s:-)

So the plan was this, Pop-Pop was grounded so he could not make the race so we put his number on the Double stroller with the kid-os. Pat would walk some of the 5K w/ the kids and the double stroller. Beth was running the 5K and Eileen and I lined up for the Half.

Beth Ran the 5K with a PR (personal Record) 14657449_10100276928829782_3716168538486306011_n

Eileen did her first Half Marathon (so automatic PR) in 2 hours and 4 minutes! that is an awesome time, better than my first half!


I also had a PR of One Hour 47 minutes!


Nana, pushed the two kido’s on the 5K. Now, Im in pretty good shape and I have pushed Ellie and James in the double stroller recently. This is no easy task. They weigh about 70 lbs together and plus the stroller it is 80+ lbs easy. Since there were three of them I would say she walked a 15K! Great job Nana.


Here is the fun part. Nana, was a rock star crossing the finish line even though she was technically in last place for the 5K.  But right on her heels was the guy who was winning the Half Marathon (not me 😉 so they hustled her along the finish line, busted out the tape for the guy to cross and in all of the commotion tripped over nana and the Kidos! BUT the best part is that Nana came in second in her age group for the 5K so she got an award…Who beat her you ask? POP POP! Since we pinned his number to the stroller it technically crossed the finish line before her so pop pop won his age group and he was not even there! They both got medals and trophies!


All and all it was a great race. Norwalk is really a beautiful town and the race was great. Very very well organized, pretty run, hilly yes but I will do it again next year. Great job to all!

Word of the day:

intrepid |inˈtrepid|


fearless; adventurous (often used for rhetorical or humorous effect): our intrepid reporter.

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