Jon Kinne Half Marathon Deux!

Hey Kids!

Sunday, I defended my title at the Jon Kinne Half Marathon and finished a strong first dominating the field once again!:-)


I was a bit faster this year because I did not just have surgery. I had to get out early because we were due up in Norwalk CT for a festival at my in laws church so I headed out around 8 am, which is early for me. The day started out pretty cold actually but It was nice to run in the cool dry weather.

I have found that there two camps in running, Music runners and NO music runners, with very few in between. I inquired from my sisters old time friend Peyton

Dec 22, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) gives a thumbs up to cheering fans against the Houston Texans during the second half at Reliant Stadium. The Broncos won 37-13. Mandatory Credit: Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports
” Doing great Jon, lets hang out more!”

Nah, actually this Peyton (here with my Sis Ashley


Who is a long time accomplished Marathon runner and has done NYC Marathon a few times before about NYC and she recommended that you leave the ear buds at home for the NYC Marathon. So being a music listener I was curious so I tried running without music on Sunday. I only lasted about 4 miles…

As I have said before I love the solitude and meditative aspect of running. But just my thoughts and my breathing were a little too much for me. I guess since Im a music teacher and I have to concentrate and think intensely while music is happening every day my mind is very accustomed to focusing while I’m actively listening to music. So needless to say the next 9.1 miles had music going:-)

I did see some interesting stuff as usual on this one. Remember that house with chickens I saw last week? This week, Ducks, Big white ones!imgres-22

And a there was a large group of men, who looked Indian but Im not sure, who were playing Cricket! I tried to watch as I ran by, I found it to be equally as boring as American Baseball:-)


So it was a rather mundane run. Quiet on the trail. Time was good and I felt OK, not my best.

Random thought wile running: 

Im glad I don’t have a lot of interactions with eels, they freak me out…”

Word of the day:Zanzibar |ˈzanzəˌbär|

an island off the coast of East Africa, part of Tanzania; pop. 1,207,500 (2009, with Pemba). In 1964, it became a republic and united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania.


Zanzibari |ˌzanzəˈbärē|adjective& noun

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