Running it up with my soul mate


Greetings all, quick one today:

I guess it’s the time of year when our local wildlife gets ready for winter.  Lots of road kill, Deer and Extra Crazy squirrelsimgres-21

The Saddle River Trail is no exception. I did a 15-er last weekend and saw some cool stuff, mostly animals:-) It was the usual cache of dogs and birds with some new comers. Saw chickens for the first time in the back yard of a house I have run past 100 times. One cool thing on the trail is that the Deer are very, very calm around people. You can run within a couple of feet of them and they barely lift up their head to notice you. images-28 images-29

I actually saw a woman hand feeding a little guy 🙂

This week was busy so skipped my Tues and Thursday runs. I only did an 8-mile on Wednesday.


Not that 8 Mile…But if it was, I’d take that sucka down and Mekhi Phifer and I would be in my crew. Chedda-BOB!

Anyway, My wife Eileen and I both had big runs on our schedule for today, I had a 16 mile and she had a 9 mile. I was debating doing my run at all since I have not been feeling well lately and I think it’s because I’m running too much. But we decided to go out and do a 6 or 7 mile run together.

So me and the ol’ soulmate headed out and felt great so we tacked on a few extra and completed a 9 mile-er! We both ran well an the rain stayed away:-)

I usually don’t like to run with other people. I enjoy the solitude and the meditative qualities but I’ll always make an exception for my wife. Don’t want to end up here…


I kid ;-)We had a good run around Oakland. She is doing great with her training and she is definitely ready for the SONO half on 10/15. Even though you can not talk too much when your running it is just nice to get out and do stuff together that does not involve cleaning, working or chasing after kids.

Word of the Day:

soul mate(also soulmate )noun

a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.


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