I Won the 2016 New Jersey Marathon!!!!!!

…hearts and minds….I won hearts and minds 😉

badge nj marathon

1055th Place

Whoo-hooo! SPORTS!

“What was the weather like that day Jon?” you say?


Besides the weather it was AWESOME! There were some high highs and low lows but overall it was a great experience. Eric and I wend down on Saturday afternoon and picked up our stuff at the Monmouth Race Track which is where the starting line was. This was only a couple of miles from our hotel. We got our stuff, Eric ate some pasta, mine got messed up so I sent it back and it never returned so I ate bad stir fry at Applebees which must have done something right because I did great in the race!

As it turns out Eric and I are a good team for races as we seemed to balance each other out in the attitude department. He is way too particular about arrival time and I was WAY too laid back. So we (I) did not give ourselves sufficient time to get there. Needless to say we hit some traffic on the way in. In trying to get around it (Bad idea number two) we got stuck in more, less moving traffic. So I told Eric, who was corral B (He crushed the NJ Marathon BTW with a 3:18!!!!) when we got close to jump out and head in on foot. I then parked in Upstate NY and worked my way in.

On my way in I was fumbling with all of my stuff, very disheveled, needing to use the facilities and rushing to not be late. It was at this moment that I cracked up saying “This is sooooo GRIFF!” Any one reading this is now who knew Griff is laughing too. Eddie had a propensity for being late and just being a general  mess in the morning hours. He was actually late to his own funeral, so was Fred so given the situation that morning I think it was a team effort ;-). But in keeping with typical Eddie fashion I was able to use the Porta Potty and made it to my corral (I was in H) with 2 minutes to spare ;-).

We had slathered ourselves with an obscene amount of Aquaphor


Highly recommended BTW, worked great!

I had a light rain coat that SAVED me from Dr. Weyl (THANK YOU STEVE!!!!) Shorts, under armor shirt, and My TEAM AFSP Jersey with Eddies Hat and Freddy’s Name tag on the back, which absolutely pushed me along the way. I stuck to my plan and it worked out great! Kinne-1626

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 3.24.44 PM

I never “Hit the wall” or Crashed. I had negative splits and averaged a 9:30 pace. I finished in 4:11 wind, rain and all which exceeded my expectations. Mile 26 was my fastest. Gonna Crush NYC in under 4 hours! 

Now, I’m not claiming anything about my abilities, I had a few, “What the heck am I doing / what is wrong with me!” moments. Oh and believe me I was done at mile 21 and actually cursed out “The wind” out loud, on a few occasions, but I actually was able to picked up my pace for the last 6 miles. I employed a trick I read about while training, I started dedicating miles.  Here they are:

  • Mile 21- To my RHS Students Past and Present
  • Mile 22- To everyone who donated to the AFSP
  • Mile 23- To Friends old and new
  • Mile 24- My Family and Extended Family
  • Mile 25-To Eddie and Freddy
  • Mile 26- To my Wife and Kids- Eileen, Ellie and Jamie
  • .2 was mine 🙂

Post Marathon we did what you are supposed to, ate Burger King on the Garden State Parkway and headed home to rest.

What an awesome experience this has been! I am going to take it easy for a few weeks and recover, I’m actually dippin my Wendy’s fries into a chocolate frosty as I write this..Oh washing it down with a Dr. Pepper and thinking about Quesadilla day tomorrow! Still I’m looking forward to getting started in preparation for the 2016 NYC Marathon. Im still raising money for the AFSP. link below and to the left.


Thanks to everyone who pushed me along! We Did it!!!!!

Word of the day: –Sore |sôr|adjective

(of a part of one's body) painful or aching: my feet were sore and my head ached.

• [ predic. ] suffering pain from a part of one's body: he was sore from the long ride.

• [ predic. ] informal upset and angry: I didn't even know they were sore at us.

• [ attrib. ] severe; urgent: we're in sore need of him.


a raw or painful place on the body: we had sores on our hands.

• a cause or source of distress or annoyance: there's no point raking over the past and opening old sores.

Unicorn of the day:

NYC here we come! 11/6/16!!! TEAM AFSP!