Week NEUN!

Ok so week nine saw around 8 miles. I did 4 on monday and schlepped my way through 3.5 on the tread mill yesterday. I had a big run planned for today but I felt really bad on monday and yesterday post run so I must listen to reason (My wife Eileen) and just wait until my surgery is done to continue marathon training.

“What surgery?” you say.  After exhausting all possible causes of my abdominal pain, pressure, bloat etc. my medical team and I (HA!) have determined that the Ol’ Gallbladder just is not what it used to be and has to go. Im having it removed on Friday 3/4 by the esteemed Dr. Christudious. I am also now a self proclaimed expert in all things gallbladder so I have that going for me. Any how, I will resume training a week or so after my surgery which will give me six weeks to ensure success at the NJ Marathon.


Thats not me 😉 But doesn’t it look like Tiger Woods! ha!

There is good news that has come out of all of this though. Since I was very consistent with my training up to this point, having this physical hiccup should not slow me down too much. I will have to adjust the training program a bit but I’m very confident in running the race on 5/1. One thing that I can say I am very proud of in my life is that when I set my mind to doing something, I always get it done.

The best news in all of this was that all of my medical tests have shown a very healthy me so far! I have read that when men hit their 30’s they, at some point, realize their mortality.  I can truly attest to this, but as scary as it can be it has given me some wonderful prospective and new positive attitudes towards life. I like to think of this quote when I experience doubt and use it as motivation to achieve what I once thought impossible:


So godspeed kids and do as the late Mr. Jobs says:-)

Word of the day: Equanimity |ˌēkwəˈnimitē, ˌekwə-|noun

mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, esp. in a difficult situation: she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity .

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Bonus Gnome!



Week 8- Presence!

Hey Kids!

Well week 8 has only seen 3 miles so far. I spent last week being poked, prodded, dyed, drugged, photographed and at one point I was made Radioactive! Good news is that all is clear so far! Bad news is I am still trying to figure it all out. Any way I am grateful for the ability to receive medical attention when I need it and for all of the well wishes I have received over the past week or so, I am a very, very grateful and fortunate guy.

So depending on how I feel over the next two days or so will dictated my weekend long run. I am scheduled to do 13.1 but I do not want to upset my system too much so that may be reduced or eliminated. I am not even half way through the program and I was very consistent up until last week so I’m not worried about loosing any ground. No matter what I am still raising money for the AFSP. Link to the left! Please join our campaign!

I also would like to recommend a TED talk and/or a book Im reading called Presence by Amy Cuddy. She has a pretty amazing story and has done some really great research.


It is an oustanding message and very insightful science! Worth the 20min.

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Word of the Day: Myopic |mīˈäpik|adjective


• lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight: the government still has a myopic attitude to public spending.

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Week 7 Time Out:-)

Greetings all!

Unfortunately I have to call a Time Out for Week 7, 0 miles. I am currently trying to get to the bottom of some internal discomfort and my Dr.’s are telling me not to run :-(. So that being said I’m skipping week 7 and I plan to pick up with week 8 on Tuesday! The timing is actually perfect since here in NJ it is single digits wind chill so I’m not too broken up about it.

I do want to thank an old Ramsey High School friend who has helped me tremendously over the past week or so in guiding me and providing advice on my current condition.

Dr. Stavros Christoudias.


Stavros is definitely the best doctor I have ever worked with and I am very glad to say is still an awesome human being! As a doctor he focuses on your well being first and foremost, is extremely patient, accommodating and is passionate about health care. I highly recommend him and his practice. Dr. Christoudias works in a number of capacities around Northern NJ. You can find out more about him and his practice at  http://christoudiasmd.com/ or  http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-stavros-christoudias-226xx

Word of the day: Benevolent |bəˈnevələnt|adjective

well meaning and kindly: a benevolent smile.

• (of an organization) serving a charitable rather than a profit-making purpose: a benevolent fund.

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I Saved Week 6


Thanks so much to two of my oldest and dearest friends Stacia Klui Grosse and Jeff Grosse for their generous donation to our personal campaign for the AFSP! Spread the word we are doing great at 26% of our goal!

Ok week 6 was supposed to be 3/5/3 and 7 miles. Did not run at all until Friday where I did a 5 mile. I’ve been dealing with some abdominal issues which I’m just starting to get to the bottom of thanks to another old friend  Dr. Stavros Christoudias. Great Guy and awesome doctor! More on him in future posts but definitely helped me out Big Time yesterday and today so I am very grateful!

Just finished my long run of 7 miles so I only missed my two very short runs which is no big deal. I felt ok today on the run and the weather was GREAT! I have been neglecting my stretching routine and I am paying the price for it now. In general though I don’t feel very well and was rather tired today. I do not mention these things to complain, actually quite the opposite, I was thinking today that I am grateful to this habit for reinforcing my self-discipline. I run even when I do not want to, in all kinds of weather and I always finish what I set out to do.I am very proud of that. I find that it reinforces confidence and opens up the mind to believing in achieving the impossible. My favorite mantra while running is “Why not me?”

Today’s random thought while running:Do swans fly? I’ mean I know they can but I have just never seen them fly. Are they just lazy? Can a bird be lazy?”


Word of the Day: Evocative adjective

bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind: powerfully evocative lyrics | the building’s cramped interiors are highly evocative of past centuries.

DERIVATIVES evocatively adverb, evocativeness noun

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Week Six is …

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Hey all,

Well week six so far has seen 0 miles. Monday was a rest day, I had a concert last night so no running, today is raining and I missed my kids so I picked them up instead of running, tomorrow I have a Dr. apt and a meeting at 7 pm. SOOOOO I have to get out to do 5 miles Friday definitely and do my long run Saturday, 7 Miles. I may see if I can do a quick 3 miles in the AM before work but doubtful. I do not like running right when I wake up.

Lack of miles this week is ok. It is a step back week any way.

Look what we earned!

12642980_10101673175340262_413269059999384523_n-1 12661966_10101673175380182_1020422084377872488_n

Word of the day: Presence |ˈprezəns|

noun-the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing: her presence still comforts me | the presence of chlorine in the atmosphere | the memorial was unveiled in the presence of 24 veterans.

• a person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen: the monks became aware of a strange presence.

• [ in sing. ] a group of people, esp. soldiers or police, stationed in a particular place: the USA would maintain a presence in the Indian Ocean region.

• the impressive manner or appearance of a person: Richard was not a big man, but his presence was overwhelming | [ in sing. ] : he has a real physical presence.

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